Keypad Invaders is a typing game, where the mechanics is not too literal for the player. You'll control a keypad with your cursor, based from the basic phones that existed from the past. Make it type the letters that matches the smartphones in order to avoid being invaded as long as possible.

Made in a day for the Game Maker's Toolkit Jam 2018, with the theme of "GENRE, but you can’t MECHANIC"

Install instructions

Extract the game, then enjoy the game.


Windows Build 15 MB


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I still haven't played the game, but I can tell this will be horribly genius! lol

EDIT: Totally a blast! Have to give it a try when I get a new mouse that works xD The online highscores were a great addition, too! It may be easier if the input were actual words and not just scrambled letters

Fun little game, nicely done with the feel and look of it. Very easy to understand, but it gets repetitive a little too quickly. Nicely made though

The base is solid. I think you could have kept the notepad controls because it is already not the same as normal typing. Right now having to look away from the letters to the cursor makes it too difficult imo.